Small Business Spotlight: Harry’s Pizza and Subs

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Pizza is no doubt one of the most enjoyable foods on the planet. Around 43% of Americans eat pizza at least once a week. Of course there is always the dilemma of which toppings to include on your slice or pie, often becoming a passionate debate as it comes time to order. There are all the different crust options to choose from: pan, thin, regular, stuffed, etc. And then there are differing schools of thought on if some toppings should even be considered by anyone to go on a pizza, pineapples for example.
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The Mazda CX-50 Is Coming Soon to Marietta

Mazda continues to innovate and design beautiful models that customers in Kennesaw will appreciate. Coming soon to our area is the brand-new Mazda CX-50. This SUV is rugged and capable, and it's been built with adventure-minded drivers in mind.

With sleek stylings, the CX-50 looks similar to our other Mazda models at Jim Ellis Mazda of Marietta. It has an aerodynamic frame and a streamlined appearance, and it highlights how the "less is more" approach can make modern vehicles look quite stunning.

It offers two powertrain choices.

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