Small Business Spotlight: Meals by China, LLC.

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When it comes to hosting a happy hour, inviting friends and family over for dinner, or even just making a meal for yourself, who doesn’t stress over what to have on the menu? How do you steal the show at your next dinner party with a healthy mouth-watering meal? One solution is giving MealsbyChina a call.
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Small Business Spotlight: Floasis

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Imagine getting in a zero-gravity environment that allows your body and mind to relax and reset. This can be achieved by filling 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts inside a water-filled pod. The buoyancy of the water makes floating on water feel like floating on air. Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it?
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Mazda CPO Models Come With Generous Warranty Coverage

The Mazda certified pre-owned (CPO) program delivers an option for buyers in Marietta and surrounding area interested in saving some money on their next purchase. Mazda knows these buyers might not want a "used car," but a CPO model from Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta seems to be a better deal. The multi-point inspection, along with age and mileage maximum requirements, puts some buyer concerns at rest.

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