Every day in Kennesaw seems just slightly warmer than the day before. Preparing for summer driving can help you avoid sweltering crashes, malfunctioning components, or even breaking down. This is why Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta wants to keep you cool with our summer service options. When the time comes to beat the heat, check our website and find cost-saving service promotions so you can keep money in your pocket for your big adventures.

Beat the Engine Heat

Even in the winter, your engine produces an impressive amount of heat. When warm temperatures in Acworth keep that heat from dispersing, it causes borderline engine issues to become full-blown problems. Chief among these is an aging battery, which can refuse to spark on a hot summer day. An engine inspection complete with a battery test can catch any issues before the heat has a chance to amplify them.

Stopping Safely

Your brake pads are designed to absorb a lot of heat, leaving them fairly well prepared for whatever the summer temperatures are near Marietta. On the other hand, your brake fluid can bear the brunt of extreme engine heat, causing the fluid to break down or the seals in the hydraulic system to leak. This results in reduced braking ability. An inspection and possible replacement of your brake fluid will have things back to normal in no time.

Your tires may struggle to maintain their grip on hot roads. Switching to a dedicated summer tire will give you a sturdier tire with plenty of traction on the blazing asphalt.

Keeping Your Cool

Whether your daily drive is in the Smyrna area or much further away, you want your cabin to be crisp and cool for the duration of your ride. If your AC’s having trouble keeping the cabin cool, an inspection can tell you whether you just need a refrigerant replacement or if something more complex is at fault.

Don’t Forget the Little Things

Your wiper blades bake in the sun daily as you park or drive around Atlanta. Extreme heat causes the rubber to age, becoming stiff and cracked. Installing a new set will prepare them to clean the windshield during the occasional summer storm. Our parts special offers can help you save money on your next set of wipers.

Benefits of Sunbit Financing

When summer rolls around, you have big plans. So, when it comes to financing your next car, you want to keep as much in the bank as possible. Sunbit Financing is a quick and easy way to take advantage of the best financing rates for your new car purchase. We help ease you through the process with no hard credit check, clear details about our "fine print," and easy-to-select options to ensure you land monthly payments right in your wheelhouse.

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