OK Google, does Mazda have Android Auto? Yes, it does.

With the smartphone being at the core of everything we do these days, it's no surprise that Mazda is meeting the demands of its customers with a robust suite of technical features, which includes the very practical Android Auto. Driving demands that you be physically present at all times, which is why Android Auto's functionality, for all its complexities, can be accessed with a single phrase.

"OK Google"

With this simple phrase, your Mazda CX-5 or Mazda6 can spring to life, opening you up to a world of possibilities. The Google Assistant can grab you quick directions to your favorite restaurant or re-route you away from a traffic jam on the highway. If you're aren't sure if that big meeting is at 10 AM or 1 PM, the Google Assistant can check your calendar and throw you a quick reminder. And if you do need to make a quick call to reschedule that meeting, the Google Assistant can do so with a single tap.

Your Infotainment System Gets a Whole New Level of Utility

With Android Auto, your favorite music and content travel with you wherever you go. Access Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Tidal as well as prominent audiobook and podcast apps. So, if you've got a long drive ahead of you, and a backlog of content to get through, Android Auto empowers Mazda drivers to stay up to date on all the things that matter most.

Android Auto is Now in More Mazda Models Than Ever

Back in November, Mazda announced that they were creating an initiative to install smartphone integration into older models. Mazda models that are from as far back as 2014 can get a dealer-update that comes with a more modern infotainment system. This system features Android Auto compatibility as well as enhanced fast-charging 2.1-amp USB ports.

Mazda drivers can expand their horizons with Android Auto on the fly. Test drive any current Mazda model at Jim Ellis Mazda of Marietta and go hands-on with Android Auto for yourself.

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