Over the past year, our team has seen the arrival of many fantastic new Mazda sedans to Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta, but many enthusiasts and loyal customers have asked us "what is next for 2020?" While no 2020 Mazda sedan have debuted yet, Mazda recently announced some new innovations for the upcoming 2020 Mazda6 sedan including a new turbo-diesel powertrain and new available rear-wheel drive for a unique boost in acceleration, similar to driving a performance sports car. The luxury and sophistication of this midsize sedan will also enjoy some improvements and additional refinement as well, for one all-around stylish midsize sedan you can show off you your friends. Be sure to contact Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta in Marietta, GA for more information and stay tuned for more updates on the future of the Mazda brand.

Speed and Efficiency in One Mazda6

The upcoming Mazda6 is one of few luxury cars on the market helping to drive the turbo diesel engine back into the mainstream through a new SKYACTIV®-D turbo diesel inline six-cylinder (I6) model. The diesel nature of the engine, combined with its turbocharger and forced aid-induction technique helps provide a thrilling boost as you accelerate, but also helps conserve energy and fuel in the long term.

Bringing the Horse and Rider Together in Harmony

The new Mazda6 in Marietta, GA will also feature an automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive to offer the feel of driving a performance sports car, without any of the hassle that comes from manually shifting gears. Should you want to maximize the handling capabilities and traction control of your new midsize sedan, you may enjoy knowing that i-ACTIV® all-wheel drive will come available on all trims, similar to the new Mazda3 sedan, available in our new inventory in Marietta, GA. All-wheel drive performance is a feature not many other midsize sedans on the market offer, but Mazda aims to set the trend for the rest of the class to follow.

Continuing to Improve in Luxury

Through this new midsize sedan, the Mazda brand continues to build on the luxury and unique connection of bringing people closer to their car. The new Mazda6 will come available with a luxurious interior design expertly crafted from Nappa Leather and Sen Wood, though an Ultrasuede® seating trim will also be available with material modeled after traditional kimonos for maximum comfort.

What is Next for 2020?

The Mazda brand always strives to improve on customer experience in all the new vehicles they release, with the upcoming Mazda6 in Marietta, GA as an example of this improvement and just one part of a few initiatives for the next few years. The Mazda brand has a great many technological improvements in the works, such as the new Mazda Connect 2 infotainment system with on-board wireless communication devices as well as the new Mazda Co-Pilot concept, an autonomous driving system that helps aid drivers on the highways by regulating basic vehicle functions to act as a second set of eyes. Mazda first announced this driver-assist feature as a concept back in 2017 but has every intention on delivering by next year.

Other improvements in the realm of powertrain include the introduction of new plug-in electric and mild electric powertrains designed to curb carbon emissions and vastly improve fuel economy by 2025.

Stay Tuned for Updates

As of now, we currently await the debut of the 2020 Mazda6 at upcoming auto shows throughout the country, but if you wish, you can contact our sales team to receive exclusive updates on this midsize sedan, including how you can pre-order one when its release date comers closer. In the meantime, you can check out all of the brand-new Mazda sedans and hatchbacks we have for sale here at Jim Ellis Mazda and see which of these stylish new cars may be right for you. Our dealership is located at 1715 Cobb Parkway in Marietta, GA and we hope to hear from you soon!