It is one thing for use a Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta to talk about how great our SUVs are, but it is another thing to have news media do it for us, and that is what the New York Daily News has done with the 2018 Mazda CX-5.

According to, “the CX-5 doesn’t amaze with brute power or design frippery. Instead, Mazda’s best-selling vehicle in the U.S. brings a winning combination of excellent chassis poise, sharp styling, upscale interior materials and an engaging drive character.” On top of his, the Daily News also praises the Mazda CX-5 on its power and high levels of safety.

Now, we at Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta aren’t surprised by anything in this article, but if you would like to understand this awesome driving experience better, visit our dealership today and test drive the 2018 Mazda CX-5 for yourself. We proudly serve the drivers of Marietta as well as the rest of the Greater Atlanta Metro Area. If you have any questions regarding our current inventory of 2018 Mazda CX-5 models, please feel free to contact us directly either by email or over the phone for more information.

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