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Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta: Cost Effective, Efficient & Professional Automotive Service

Why do families, professionals and small businesses from across Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs and Duluth rely on Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta for all their automotive service? Because our hardworking, trustworthy parts and service center offers a comprehensive range of service that doesn't just fix what's ailing your car, truck or SUV - we go the extra mile to insure the lifelong efficiency, safety and performance of your vehicle.

From minor but important tasks like oil changes, wiper blade replacements, tune ups, fuel system cleanings and coolant flushes to more comprehensive check-ups like complete tune-ups, check engine warnings, brake service and belt and hose replacements, the Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta team is home to a staff of brand-certified professionals who are equipped with the tools, knowledge and parts to return and keep your vehicle running at optimum performance.

When you schedule service online with our team of automotive pros, you can make sure your vehicle is serviced and running great in accordance to the most important schedule there is: yours.

Explore the comprehensive range of services available here at Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta on this page, or contact our service department today to find out how we can help you protect your investment and keep your car, truck or SUV running great well into the future.

Oil Change

Timely Oil Changes: Preventive Practice for Your Vehicle's Efficiency & Longevity

Drivers from Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs and Duluth know that timely oil changes are key to the health of their vehicle. But have you ever wondered why? It's because oil changes are a cost-effective way to prevent and avoid to prevent many common automotive issues that arise due to vehicle age and wear. Changing the oil in your car keeps it free from harmful dirt and debris, lubricates vital parts to prevent corrosion and prevents against the damages heat and friction within and engine can cause to other vital parts.

If you're looking for a cost effective and fast oil change that will keep your vehicle running great without the prospect of being sold unnecessary upgrades and service your car doesn't need, we welcome you to schedule your next oil change quickly and conveniently online here at Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta. Timely and cost-effective oil changes are just one of the services offered by our comprehensive on-site parts and service center that will keep your car, truck or SUV running great for as long as you own it - or until it's time to trade up to a new model.

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Brake Service & Repair

Squeaky Brakes? Have the Experts at Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta Take a Look

One hardly has to be an automotive pro to recognize the symptoms of worn down brakes. From high-pitched sqealing or noticing a little slipping when you come to a full stop, brakes are actually designed to let you know when it's time to swamp them out for a new set. Persistent, prominent noises while braking are usually the most common sign And if you drive a lot in highly trafficked urban enviroments, your brakes may age a littledown sooner due to frequent encounters with traffic. We welcome drivers from across Marietta to rely on the expert parts and service center here at Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta. Our selection of affordable brake pads and rotors can be installed quickly and conveniently at the time that works best for you, keeping your vehicle safe for you, your passengers and your fellow drivers. Put an end to your brake quandary by scheduling an appointment online today. Your car, truck or SUV won't just drive better - it will sound better too!

Air Filter

Engine Air Filter Replacement at Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta

If your car, truck or SUV has been an accelerating a little slower than what you're accustomed to, it might be time to change out your engine's air filter. Gradual performance loss is one of a few symptoms that can be indicative of an engine air filter that's due for replacement. Air filter swaps are affordable and quick, and just one of the many services we offer at our on-site parts and service center. While the recommended interval for changing your oil filter is around 45,000 miles, you might want to consider having it looked at sooner if you drive frequently in heavy traffic in hot weather, or frequent unpaved, dusty roads. Worn down air filters can allow dust and debris into your engine, potentially causing harm to vital parts and causing you a bigger headache down the road. If you think you're engine filter is due for a fix, schedule an appointment today and we'll take a look. At Jim Ellis, we don't just offer great deals on new vehicles, we work to protect your investment too.

Coolant Flush

Maintaining Your Coolant System: A Key to Warm Weather Driving

When temperatures increase, the parts and service team here at Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta sees an uptick in coolant system maintenance projects. How do you know when your engine is due for a coolant system check-up? Common signs include unusually high temperature readings, fluid leaks and excessive coolant consumption by your engine. The main task of an engine's cooling system is to remove heat created by the combustion process. That's why driving with a coolant system in disrepair is so hazardous: it could mean serious damage to vital engine parts and a bigger repair down the road. If your car, truck or SUV has had symptoms of a malfunctioning cooling system, visit us today for a full coolant flush and system evaluation. A properly functioning cooling system doesn't just better protect your engine, it can optimize fuel efficiency and protect your investment.

AC Service

Keep Your Air Conditioning Running Cold at Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta

If you're car's air conditioner doesn't appear to be running as strong as it used to, it's probably time to have it checked out by the knowledgeable parts and service experts here at Jim Ellis Mazda Marietta. Signs of a worn down air conditioning system are usually easy to discern: increased cabin temperature, loud noises when your AC system is operating and, of course, warm air blowing when cool conditioned air ought to be. Air conditioners lose power annually, so the older your vehicle is, the more likely that it's due for an air conditioner check-up. From failed air compressors to improperly operating condensers and evaporators, there isn't an air conditioning problem the knowledgeable techs here at Jim Ellis haven't seen before. Travel comfortable again by scheduling an appointment with our online scheduling tool and have your air conditioning system repaired fast and affordably with the region's best service team. We know sitting in traffic on a warm day with a malfunctioning air conditioner is no fun!

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